February Words: Tell A Tiny Love Story

This is a monthly series focused on taking tiny, easy steps to collect and chronicle memories to create the story of you + your family’s life. The simplest way to benefit from this is to treat it like a mini-course. Open a document or a notebook and each month read the email and spend a few minutes writing. By the end of the end of the year you’ll have recorded 12-24 stories.

How can we not talk about love in February? I know it’s cheeky and cliche, but what the heck?

Let’s declare it a scientific fact that none of us would be alive without love - so that makes it pretty important.

What a gift it is in this lifetime to love and be loved. And in so many different ways.

You will be reading and hearing us talk A LOT about story - it’s kind of our thing - and also about words. They are a powerful tool whether you share them with the world, with your loved ones or keep them to yourself.

Our intention is to offer you a jumping off point, to start writing, telling, sharing, doing something with the stories you are carrying with you. So, once a month we are offering a little prompt to nudge you toward telling more stories and by the end of the year you can have 12 stories recorded (to do whatever you like with) that you didn’t have before now.

Your mission this month:

:: Write a Tiny Love Story ::

Maybe it’s your story, maybe it’s your parents’ or perhaps it’s the love story between you and a parent or you and your children or your sister or brother or best friend.

How did you meet, what do you love about them, how do they make you feel, what obstacles have you overcome, how do you celebrate each other?

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Nikki Stern