Everyone's a storyteller

Photo by  Kevin Curtis  on  Unsplash

Stories teach us. Arguably they do a better job than, say, handing out advice or rattling off rules. It seems they have the power to embed themselves within us in a way that plain old advice (good or not) just can’t.

Who hasn’t told their kids about the “boy who cried wolf” after many failed attempts to set rules around telling the truth?

I’m sure you could come up with at least one book that changed your life or your perspective. Not because it told you how to live or how to think, but because it told a story that resonated with you. It hooked you and you saw part of yourself or you felt redemption or hope or simply human-ness.

We are a story company + we believe that there is no bad story besides the one not being told, so we hope to encourage you to explore your own stories. Tell them, write them, record them (that’s where we come in!), ask others to share theirs and listen.

Are you ready to tell your story? Curious about someone else’s? Or are you simply wanting to be inspired? We’ve got you covered - here are 3 worthy watch/listen/reads and you can do all of them in less than 1 hour.


Talk about your death while you’re still healthy - TED Talk - 14 min.


Maternal Wisdom (5 pounds’ worth) - Modern Love - 26 min. (link to all episodes)

A sweet story of mothers and daughters and 6th grade sex-ed.


12 Life Lessons from a Man Who’s Seen 12000 Deaths - 5 min.