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Hi, I'm Dan. I've been creating, producing, and writing nonfiction programming for television networks, movie studios, and business clients for 17 years.

When my father died suddenly at age 65, I wasn't yet married and didn't have any children. Now when my son asks about his grandpa, all that's left to show him is a couple minutes of super 8 film and some old photos.

I began thinking about my own mortality, my own story, our family story, and the legacy I want to leave my son and my future grandkids. I developed In My Own Words to help as many families as possible do this. My mission is to help people like you preserve their family history, pass on wisdom and advice to their loved-ones, and leave their legacy in a format that will outlive them. I regret not starting this work when my dad was still around, but I'm thankful that I've been able to do it for my mom and many other family members. 

I am passionate about this work and strive to deliver to each and every one of our clients an invaluable piece of their unique histories to enjoy themselves and that their families will cherish forever.

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Stating the obvious: I married that talented guy you just read about.

When Dan did a few of these videos for the clients of a financial services company, I knew immediately that not only was it just a good idea, he was working in his zone of genius - telling a good story.

Prior to and in addition to co-founding In My Own Words, I have been a health coach for 7 years, a writer, host of women’s wellness retreats, an occasional website designer and co-host of the Pay Attention Podcast. I’m a former personal trainer and program manager for a non-profit for the homeless. I am interested in LOTS of things, but the common thread is HUMANS.

In each of these spaces I hear people’s stories: stories of my clients, stories businesses want to tell with their website, healing and redemption on retreat, the human reality of homelessness, mental health and addiction and the insights of podcast guests/topics.

It was a clear YES to follow this path of creating legacy videos and helping more people tell their story. It seems like Dan and I spent all these years preparing and gaining the experience we needed to make this dream a reality.