We love how thoughtful our clients are about their own mortality and how we help provide them an opportunity to share heartfelt messages with the ones they love.


Angie fondly remembers her days growing up on the family farm as some of her best - in a life filled to the brim with great days.


In addition to telling them your story, In My Own Words allows you to talk to your loved ones and preserve your message, wit, and wisdom forever.


Frank had never seen the ocean or even been on a boat before being drafted into the Navy during the Korean War. Many of our male clients have military backgrounds and it's always interesting to learn of the adventures and world travel that came along with their service.


Fran’s simple advice to her grandkids - tried and true. Passing down wisdom is one of many important things we capture during the interview process.

Denise & Jim

One of our favorite couples! Jim was a world class pilot and Denise was not your typical military wife (among many other things).

Donna & Ward

Donna and Ward found each other later in life. And while they admit it may not have been the "Hollywood" proposal, they still look back fondly on the day they decided to tie the knot.


On her way to becoming a dental assistant, Dolores found herself surrounded by hippies. Here's just a slice of her wonderful story.