Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Who usually does an IMOW video? Is it something adult kids get for their parent(s) or that people have done for themselves?

    So far, we have a pretty even mix. Some of our clients make the investment for their own video as something for their family to have after they are gone. Often they will include parts of their own parents’ story so that it can be preserved along with their own. Some clients will invest in having a video created for a loved one, usually their own parent(s) and they will share the cost with other family members. In these cases, the adult children want to document the story of their parents and be able to pass along this piece of them to their own kids and to have it long after their parents are gone.

  2. What if there are parts of my life/story (or my parents) that are too painful to tell?

    Nobody has had a perfect or pain-free life. First and foremost we want our subjects to be comfortable and since we are making this for YOU, you get decide if you want to leave anything out. Each of our videos is custom made, so we make sure you’re telling the stories you want to make sure are passed down, in an interview Dan might ask about a hard time or something you had to overcome. These are often great opportunities to share openly and honestly, to witness your own resiliency and share a lesson with family. Ultimately, what you choose to tell is up to you, there is no pressure to dive into something.

  3. How about nerves and people who are concerned about being on camera?

    This is common for many people. Our clients who have been really nervous before hand have said that after they meet Dan and the camera starts rolling they feel like they’re just having a conversation and their nerves fade and they are so glad they didn’t let that stop them. Depending on how you customize your video, there will be either 1 or 2 cameras set up, but Dan will be sitting across from you and you simply look at him and talk to him, so you quickly forget there is a camera there.

  4. What do we do with the video after it's completed?

    That’s up to you! You could rent out a big theater and play it for a crowd or you can share it with close family after Thanksgiving dinner and if you have a video of someone who has passed you can create a special tradition of watching it. Most of our videos are a keepsake for immediate family. We provide you with a flashdrive, which allows you to watch the video on a computer or a smart TV. We also give you a private, password protected link where your video will live for many, many years to come. We also create a short version of your video that you can share with people who may not be likely to sit down to watch the full length version. It can be shared on Facebook or you can email it to other friends and family.